JTools: Finding People

Option 1: Students learn on their own by watching the video and doing the exercises

Video Link: https://youtu.be/_9hElheg0i0

Option 2: Students learn with the professor in class 

Use these links below for either option:

Quick Tricks for Searching 

Google or Yahoo! or Bing

  • phrase search = put quotes around name
  • filter to a certain website
    • formula:  “name name” site: domain
    • for example: “Kent Syverud” site:syr.edu 
    •                         “Derrick Coleman” site:twitter.com

Phone Books

White Pages or Anywho

  • search by name and city for phone and address
  • reverse a phone number to get an address
  • reverse an address to get a phone number

For businesses only:

  • put phone number into a search engine to find the name
  • put phone number into Mapquest or Google Maps to find directions

International:  Infobel  or Numberway


Public Records

  • Persons licensed by state  such as beautician, athletic trainer, pest exterminator, and others (link is to New York State)
  • Property Records  look by county; not all are online ( this links to Onondaga County )
  • Campaign finance records: Open Secrets.org or FEC
  • Business records (publicly-traded companies:  SEC records at Edgar

 Social Media

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