JTools: Arts Journalism Research

updated July 13, 2018.


Verifying Information “no fake news”

A. Verifying content

  1. Snopes.com 
  2. Verification Handbook 

B. Verifying photos

Right click and save this picture:  Then check it with these tools:

  1. Google Images – click camera icon and upload image
  2. Tineye.com „„

Digging In

A. IRS Form 990s

1. Only covers tax-exempt organizations. To see if organization is  tax-exempt:

  • Look on its “About” page or elsewhere on the website
  • IRS site to check tax-exempt organizations  click on the button before “Are eligible”

 2. Sample 990s

3. Where to find 990s

  • Ask the non-profit for the latest copy
  • Guidestar – a database of 990s
  • Nonprofit Explorer/ProPublica – summary of data only; often more recent than Guidestar
  • Charity Navigator
  • note: 990s are also available from Citizen Audit (searchable, but costly) and IRS  (see AWS; must convert from XML)

4. Tips on how to read a 990

B. Public Records

1. Public Records Requests

2. Government Databases

National Endowment for the Arts search

New York State

3. Social Media


5 Quick Helps for Research 

1. Syracuse Libraries Arts Journalism Subject Guide

2. Syracuse Newspapers database (archives) type Syracuse Newspapers  into search box

3. Newslink   [Other newspaper databases via SU Library: EJournal Locator, Access World News, Library Press Display

„4. Online Phone Books: anywho.com

5. Twitter list — Arts 

  • Here’s a graphical bookmark page Fought constructed on Symbaloo, with arts resources, mostly in Central New York  note: if the graphic links to the main Symbaloo page then register and search for Arts Journalism or after registration try  http://www.symbaloo.com/home/mix/13ePLQ6T6F
     Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 12.21.47 PM

    To copy the arts journalism webmix above into your own Symbaloo, go to your Symbaloo, click at the top left (icon looks like bulleted list with down arrow) , then click on add webmix and type in http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/artsjournalism

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