JTools: Finding Stories

Option 1: Students learn on their own by watching the video and doing the exercises: 

Video Linkhttps://youtu.be/gQi0HSU_h1I

Option 2: Students learn in the classroom with the professor

Use the links below for either option

1. Keep Up With the News Online

For key tips, watch the video: Keeping Up With The News which includes  SyrTwitterWire

2. Set up the News to Come to You

a. NCC News Email on exchange.syr.edu

  • get userid and password from your professor or see NCC NewsLinks
  • once on the site you can search by date, i.e. “Oct. 20”

b.Sign up for SU Today

c. Sign up for alerts from networks

d. Set up alerts on a search engine:

3. Look Ahead on the Calendar

Check dates in Syracuse Newspapers archive Search by date for events happening that day as they might have been referenced as a future date in a previous story. Remember AP Style, as in “Feb. 14″

4. Listen to the Buzz Online

a. Use Twitter Advanced Search

b. Search on Twitter itself, using these tips:


Print the list above here (from Twitter)

c. Follow what’s trending on social media

d. Crowdsource stories by posting a request on facebook or twitter

  • Alum Jana Barnello, at WGME, Portland, Me., needed a profile for a story on mastectomies, and posted a request on Facebook. Here is the story she reported.

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