JTools: Keeping Up With the News

1. Make your own news directory

a. With Symbaloo (below)


b. Copy the one above into your webmix on Symbaloo. Here’s how.

c. Use bookmarks

d. Use Feedly 

  • This wasn’t in the video, but you can grab RSS feeds from your favorite websites and collect them all in Feedly to read.  Here’s an example of Prof. Fought’s, which — see left navigation — several topical pages. The one highlighted is her  media industry page:


Here is a tutorial for feedly if you want to set up one.

2. Follow the Syr Twitter Wire

Subscribe to it on the SyrTwitterWire page itself or here’s how to subscribe to any list (scroll to bottom).

3. Check Newsmap

It’s a visual representation of Google News

Here’s the direct link to Sports

4. Get a morning news update

AP 10 Things To Know

logo of the Skimm



5. Listen to podcasts 


SPORTS: : CBS Sports |  ESPN  |  Fox Sports Radio

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