JTools Combo: Searching Plus Library Resources

Search Trix

1. Learn Your Search Engine

Bing      Bing Advanced appears only after you see search results. Look at top right of the list of websites. 

Google     Google Advanced

Yahoo!     Yahoo! Advanced

Use filters for the type of info, date or location you want.

2. Use More than One Search Engine

Thumbshots – compare search returns

Blindsearch – put in search terms, get three returns, pick the best, then click to see which SE you selected  [note: Yahoo! search not working as of Jan. 27, 2012]

3. Write Complex Search Statements

Use phrase searching: put words that appear next to each other in quotes, i.e. “Newhouse School”
Narrow your search to one website:  use this formula —
“key phrase” site:domain.xxx
example: “Barbara Fought” site:syr.edu

 4. Try a Directory

Internet Public Library

 NCC News Links Page

5. Use Ready References


AP Styleguide Online

Verifying Sources

1. Figure out the type of site

2. Use the A2-C-O criteria: authority, accuracy, currency, objectivity

3. See what it says about itself

4. Who registered it?   WHOIS

5. Find related sites  formula is related: domain.xxx  as: related:wtb.org

Other Quick Trix

Snopes  to check out whether email warning is accurate

sportsin140.com  check for valid twitter accounts of sports figures

WaybackMachine  find last image of a website 

Tineye or Google Images (click on camera)  to check the online original of a photo

Best Library Online Resources for Reporters

Quick references


AP Styleguide Online

Background a topics or issue

with other media

  • Post Standard Archives on Newsbank   click on the databases tab and type in: Post Standard
  • Other Newspapers and media
  • International news:    World News Connection   international news translated & compiled for US gov’t key leaders

from encyclopedic sources

Background a Country

Economist Intelligence Unit   look for: Country Report or  Country Commerce

Background a Business

Business and Company Resource Center

Mergent Online    some private company info, too!

Reference USA 

Background Well-Known People

The Leadership Library

Biography Reference Center (EBSCO)

Research Media

SRDS  select the type of media — Cable/TV or newspapers or radio

Find Statistics

Demographics at US. Census Quick Facts

Find Poll Results

iPoll Databank

Polling the Nations 

Check Political Facts

SU Bird Library Fact Checking List


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