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Best Online Resources for Reporters

As of August, 2017, this JTools unit is not being updated, but you can still use the links below.

Here is the older video version: http://youtu.be/o8Qms7AVBaA

1. Quick  references

Itools  (dictionary, thesaurus, etc)

AP Styleguide Online  (once in an explanation, click in upper right for broadcast or print stylebook)

2. Background from media sources


3. Background a topic or issue

4. Background a Country

Economist Intelligence Unit   look for: Country Report or  Country Commerce

5. Background a Business

Business Insights: Essentials

Mergent Online   some private company info, too!

Reference USA 


Backgrounding for Sports: SU Librarian Sports Management List and a comprehensive report on sports marketing  from Richard Miller & Associates

6. Background Well-Known People

The Leadership Library

Biography Reference Center (EBSCO)

7. Find Statistics

Demographics at US. Census Quick Facts  [some student find CensusReporter, designed by journlists using Census Data,  is easier to use]

Fed Stats

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets – data visualization tool for making charts and graphs

Proquest Statistical Insight stats in the news

8. Find Poll Results

iPoll Databank

Polling the Nations 

9. Check Political Facts

SU Libraries Fact Checking List

10. Research Media

SRDS  via SU Libraries: select the type of media — Cable/TV or newspapers or radio

Other Links

NCC Newslinks

Ready Reporter

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