J_Tools:Finding Stories

Here’s the video to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qh9ETLtyza4

Whether your professor teaches this unit or you watch the video, follow along with these links:

1. Keep Up With the News Online

             For key tips, watch the video:  Keep Up With The News

2. Set up the News to Come to You

a. NCC News Email on exchange.syr.edu  get userid and password from your professor or see NCC NewsLinks

b.Sign up for alerts from networks

c. Set up alerts on a search engine:

d. Sign up for SU Today an email of SU news

3. Look Ahead on the Calendar

Check dates in Syracuse Newspapers archive   Search by date for events happening that day as they might have been referenced as a future date in a previous story. Remember AP Style, as in “Feb. 14”

4. Listen to the Buzz Online

a. Use Twitter Advanced Search

b. Search in Twitter itself, using these tips from  Twitter :


c. Follow what’s trending on social media

d. Crowdsource stories by posting a request on facebook or twitter

  • Alum Jana Barnello, working at WGME, Portland, Me., needed a profile for a story on mastectomies, and posted a request on Facebook. Here is the story she reported.


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