Syracuse Common Council Reacts to SU Chancellor’s Decision to Leave in 2014

Hope that new chancellor will continue the relationships Cantor created

Originally reported on October 22, 2012

By Maria Veronica Roman SYRACUSE (NCC NEWS) – When asked about their sentiments regarding Syracuse University Chancellor Nancy Cantor‘s announcement of her decision to leave the University in 2014, Common Councilors expressed sadness on Monday.

“I’m personally going to cry,” was City Clerk John Copanas’ immediate response when questioned about Cantor’s statement. “She wanted [the students] to know that [they] were part of the community … [and] how the community … is part of the University.”

As Cantor’s tenure at SU finishes out, the general student body at the University as well as city officials show not only unhappiness in seeing the Chancellor leave, but also gratitude for all she has done for both the campus and its neighboring communities.

“Chancellor Cantor really started [the synergy] and brought some of the SU facilities downtown and more of the functions going back up the hill,” said Common Councilor Kathleen Joy.

Common Councilor Pat Hogan also voiced appreciation for Cantor’s involvement with the Near Westside Initiative and the Connective Corridor, which were part of the Chancellor’s “Scholarship in Action” program. Such parts of the program helped to revitalize the neighborhoods in Hogan’s district, which is one of the poorest.

With the future in mind, Common Councilor members express hope that the next chancellor sustains the relationship Cantor created as well as the impact Cantor left on the University and the city.

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