Twelve Cases Reviewed in Domestic Violence Court

Judge Dougherty Sentences Four Defendants to Probation

Domentic Violence Court Judge Stephen Dougherty © 2012 Alexandra Curtis

By Brian Cheung

Originally reported on March 26, 2012

Syracuse (NCC News) — Judge Stephen Dougherty handled a dozen cases in the city’s Domestic Violence Court today, sentencing four people to three years of probation. “I’d love to see you do well on probation,” Dougherty told them.

The Domestic Violence Court annually handles about 1,100 cases involving romantic relationships, Dougherty said. A representative from the domestic violence advocacy group Vera House is always present during calendars for the purposes of counseling. Pearl Petty represented the organization in court today.

During today’s calendar, Judge Dougherty issued sentences to some cases but also heard compliance reports on defendants who already received sentences. Marshun Harvey, Angel Byrne, Natalie Pride, and Darius Rolle were the four people sentenced to three years of probation based on criminal charges including petit larceny, drunk driving, and trespassing.

Probation gives defendants the chance to have their criminal activity removed from their records if they exhibit good behavior. Judge Dougherty reminded defendants that violating the terms of probation could lead to ten months in jail.

“Probation is a gift,” Dougherty told defendants.

Dougherty also gave sentences to people in custody at the City of Syracuse Criminal Courthouse. Dennis Davis was sentenced to one year in the Onondaga County Correctional Facility for third degree assault. He also received a three-year “no contact” restriction that bans any communication with two people.

“Our job is to do the right thing and I take that pretty seriously,” Assistant District Attorney Jeff Schiano said to a group of Syracuse University student reporters after the court session.

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