Common Council Delays Land Bank Vote

Photo credited to Syracuse United Neighbors website

Neighborhood group shows up in support of vote

By: Jennifer Greene

Originally reported on February 27, 2012

The Common Council delayed the vote on the land bank proposal at the meeting Monday afternoon. Jean Kessner, Councilor-At-Large and the proposal’s sponsor, said there were multiple reasons to delay the vote, and the council was not rushed to meet the deadline.

Two members of Syracuse United Neighbors (SUN), a local neighborhood group, carried a large banner saying “Rebuild Our Hoods” at the meeting, in support of the land bank.

“They [SUN] feel passionate about this, and so do I,” Kessner said.

Land banks are authorities that take in tax-delinquent properties, sell them to developers, and reinvest the profits to improve neighborhoods. Land banks are state authorized, but locally run.

The vote was delayed for a number of reasons: District Two Councilor Patrick Hogan was sick and did not attend the meeting. Majority Leader Lance Denno, was on vacation last week and missed the study session. The council thought the wording of the land bank issue needed a few more changes, said Denno.

The Land Bank Board of Directors was another reason the vote was delayed. The board will consist of five members, one which will be decided by the Common Council. The majority leader, Denno, nominates the candidates, and then the council votes.

The councilors could not vote on the authorization of the land bank until they voted on their candidate. The Council is not concerned about time, because their deadline is not until March 30th.

“Do you want to get it done, or do you want it done right?” Kessner said.




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