Syracuse Homicides Lower Than Usual

updated Feb. 2 2012

by Barbara Croll Fought (SYRACUSE) — The city had a lower number of homicides in 2011 than usual. An NCC News compilation of homicides in 2011  shows 14 deaths were classified as homicides. That’s compared to typically between 18 to 20 per year.

Syracuse Police only report 13 criminal homicides, as the fourteenth one occurred when police shot and killed a man who aimed a gun at them, an act police call a justified homicide.

For details on each, see the map below, created using BatchGeo . Place the cursor on the map to move  it left/right or up/down; click on the flag to get details of each crime.

View Syracuse Homicides 2011_as of 020112 in a full screen map

For another representation of the homicides, with information for each in text format, see the map below, created also from stories in the Post Standard, using Google Fusion.


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