Murder Suspect Ordered to Appear In Lineup


By Connor Grossman SYRACUSE (NCC News) –The man accused of murder in the shooting death of a pizza shop owner last October has been ordered to appear in an identification lineup following his appearance today in court.

Eric Woody, 24, is charged with killing Sabatino’s Pizza and Deli owner Shqair Shqair, 38. He has been in custody since he was caught by police in Niagara Falls a month after Shqair’s murder.

Syracuse police Sgt. Tom Connellan told that Woody’s demanded money from Shqair. When Shqair did not comply immediately, Woody shot and killed him.

A picture of Woody was selected by an unnamed witness in an array of photos when police asked the witness to identify who he saw around the pizza shop around the time of the shooting.

The witness selected Woody and another man, Ikeam Moore, who is serving a sentence in Jamesville Penitentiary on an unrelated charge.

That prompted the request made today to state Supreme Court Judge John Brunetti for Woody to appear in an identification lineup.

Woody’s lawyer, Susan Carey, opposes the lineup. She noted the  Syracuse police department released Woody’s photo to local news organizations in the area prior to his arrest. Carey believes this  would influence any witness taking part in the lineup identification.

In ordering the lineup, Brunetti said for all participants must wearing the same clothing, and be seated to remove any difference in height.

The defense maintains surveillance video of the murder taken by cameras inside Sabatino’s is inconclusive, with the murderer’s face mostly blocked throughout the entire clip.

The next scheduled court date for Woody is April 23.


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