Lineup Issued To Identify Sabatino’s Shooter

By Elitza Batchiyska SYRACUSE (NCC News) –

Six months after a deadly shooting at  Sabatino’s Pizza and Deli on Syracuse’s south side, a judge has issued an identification line-up to try and clear up uncertainty over the shooter’s identity.

Eric Woody, 25, is charged with first degree   murder  in the shooting of shop owner, Shqair Shqair, 38, during an armed robbery on Oct. 1 of last year.

While viewing a photo array, a potential trial witness identified either Woody or another man, Ikeam Moore, as having been outside the pizza shop on the day of the shooting. Moore is currently serving a 10-month sentence in Jamesville on an unrelated charge, but will be required to participate in the line-up.

Defense attorney Susan Carey say the media’s previous broadcast of Woody’s photo may be affecting his chances of a fair trial.

“Once he was arrested, his face was plastered everywhere,” Carey said. “There was a second robbery that was unable to have been him, and again his face was publicized.”

However, Assistant District Attorney Melinda McGunnigle, disagrees.

“The surveillance video was on the media, but other footage aired after the arrest warrant was issued,” McGunnigle said.

State Supreme Court Judge John Brunettiordered another  photo array to be presented to the potential witness, as well as a line-up.

The next court date for the case is set for Apr. 23.

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