Sabatino’s Murder Suspect to Appear in Lineup

By Nick Fathergill SYRACUSE (NCC News) – The suspect in the robbery and murder case at Sabatino’s Pizza and Deli will be placed in a lineup by order of State Supreme Court Justice John J. Brunetti.


Eric Woody, 24, who was arrested for first-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon late last year, was ordered earlier today to appear in a lineup with five other men.  Woody is the primary suspect in the shooting of Shqair Shqair, 38, owner of Sabatino’s.


According to The Post Standard, the suspect wore a bandana and gloves, making his appearance hard to distinguish.  A surveillance camera caught him committing the crime.  Shqair tried to reason with the robber before he was shot and killed.


The Syracuse Police Department urges clerks and storeowners in this situation to comply completely, and not to resist robbers.  “We always advise people to comply completely,” said Sgt. Tom Connellan.  “It’s not worth something like this happening.”


Brunetti made the decision to have Woody appear in the lineup, under two conditions.  First, Ikeam Moore must also appear in the lineup.  While looking at a photo array, a witness identified the shooter to be either Woody or Moore.   Second, Woody will be allowed to choose the order of the lineup.


Defense Attorney Susan Carey requested that the lineup also be seated, if the height difference between the participants is significant.


Carey expressed displeasure with the fact that Woody’s face was broadcast all over the media.  In an article on, Woody’s face was listed along with the information that police identified him as the suspect.  The article also included that Chief of Police Frank Fowler said Woody is a member of the Bloods gang


“My client’s face was plastered all over television and newspaper,” said Defense Attorney Susan Carey.  “It significantly alters the memory of the witness.”


The lineup is scheduled for Wednesday, April 23rd, at 9 a.m.

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